Beginning with your core vision, Sequoia Productions interprets, designs and produces every element of your event from concept to completion. Our design team oversees the entire fabrication process, transforming event spaces into sensory playgrounds.

Sequoia Productions is not your conventional corporate event production company.

Through countless successful productions we have learned that people are constantly bombarded by thousands of pieces of information, making it challenging to companies and leadership to get their message across clearly.

Therefore we excel in producing memorable experiences that are sophisticated, innovative, and engaging that allow our customers to exceed their goals, successfully deliver their messages and fulfill their visions.

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Though “Corporate Events” is an umbrella term that includes a tremendous variety of specific happenings – from product launches and conventions, to galas, fundraisers, retreats, and more, at Sequoia we embrace a few critical principles that tie them all together:

1. It starts with you

Our clients’ needs and goals drive everything. We don’t really have a generic approach to anything. We want to understand your vision, your corporate culture, the circumstances driving the event, and what your expected “returns” are, both for your guests and your company as a whole. Only by starting there can we produce a successful corporate event.

2. We create immersive experiences

At Sequoia Productions, one of our guiding principles when designing events is to seek to engage all five senses. Each person is different in how they take in the world and create memories, so we need to make sure that our events are rich sensory experiences that engage everyone present. Striking visuals, inviting aromas, pleasurable tastes, high quality textures, and beautiful sounds – each sense is respected and attended to.

Naturally, not every event requires that we “turn the dial up to a ten,” so to speak, on each of these dimensions, but we keep them all in mind. We try to adjust them to create an appropriately multi-dimensional experience that suits your purposes, needs, and sensibilities.

3. It doesn’t have to be a big, expensive event

Some who see our client logos may get the impression that we only do large-scale, high profile events, but this is not the case. We do a wide variety of events big and small and always appreciate the chance to discuss opportunities with clients and prospects. If you’ve got an event and you’re wondering whether Sequoia might be a fit, please reach out.

Let’s kick off the discussion with one of the most exciting, creative types of event: brand activations.