The Sequoia Productions team shares over 100 years of collective experience and a quarter century of unparalleled events.
We are a visionary Production Company having produced, managed and directed some of the
most prestigious and original productions in the event world.

Founder & President
Cheryl Cecchetto has made a name for herself in the event industry as a top producer and business owner. She believes her company’s success stems from old-fashioned values, hard work, and maintaining great communication with the client. Cheryl is a multi-tasker who balances her work life with her home life to keep her motivated, energized and supremely creative.
Partner & Executive Vice President
Gary Levitt joined Sequoia Productions in 2001 and has produced dozens of large-scale corporate and entertainment events. Gary’s efforts on behalf of the firm have helped position Sequoia Productions as the standard for excellence amidst a sometimes overflowing pool of “Event Producers.” He has also produced events throughout the U.S, Europe, Asia and South Africa.

(L-R) Trent, Giulia, Mandy, Andrea, Michelle, Cheryl, Gary, Heather, Christina, Hillary, Jessica, Franco

Not Pictured – Erlinda, Mark


 Our Diversity Mandate

Sequoia Productions is a member of Incloodle®, a diversity and inclusion platform. Businesses that join Incloodle® must commit to their diversity and inclusion standards. Being a part of Incloodle® communicates our commitment to welcome, value and include all people and connect us to consumers who share those values, helping to build a global marketplace in which every person knows they have a place. Sequoia Productions is proud to be an early adopter of Incloodle® and to be a part of its growing community of businesses.

Green Initiative

Sequoia Productions is committed to reducing our ecological footprint and strives to have a minimal impact on the global and local environment. Greening our events is critically important to ensure sustainability development in event management by making responsible decisions during planning, organization and implementation of an event. We work to find appropriate ways to repurpose, reuse, donate or recycle as much of the event elements as possible and donate to local organizations when possible. Below are some ways we are greening our events.

  • Engage in energy saving practices and use energy efficient equipment in office work related to the event (i.e. Energy Star products, turn off electronics, etc.)
  • Select venues and vendors with green policies and practices
  • Using eco-friendly and locally manufactured products for all event needs
  • Choosing venues with an in-house recycling program or bring in a recycling dumpster vendor
  • Reduce or eliminate paper use with electronic handouts, web-based invites, online event registration, etc.
  • Double-sided printing for all collateral and meeting related materials when printing is necessary
  • Utilize natural light, energy efficient LED lights and low voltage fixtures throughout the event. LEDs use only 15% of the energy a standard halogen light uses, and provide up to 85% more light output.  
  • Biodiesel generators reducing emissions and not using fossil fuels
  • Repurpose all decor hardware and elements, recycle or donate to Habitat for Humanity
  • Recycle carpet into carpet padding or donate to Habitat for Humanity
  • Rent real china, silverware and glassware or recyclable service ware for all food and beverages
  • Source sustainable menu ingredients from local farms and markets
  • Compost all florals after the event to create new rich soil
  • Recycle all cardboard shipping boxes and material
  • Recycle all glass, plastic and paper products