Senior Producer


From microbiologist and cancer researcher to senior producer at Sequoia Productions, Mandy Dials has taken an adventurous path to her current position as one of the premiere hospitality and event management professionals in Los Angeles. And it’s this unique journey and wide breadth of experiences that Mandy credits as the primary driver for her present industry success. Armed with an extensive background in both event planning and production, and the wisdom she has gathered along her way, Mandy draws on her many experiences and perspectives to ensure that excellence is consistently met for each and every one of her clients.

Mandy’s journey began in the Midwest, working a service position at a local restaurant in her hometown of Columbus, Ohio. But when a personal tragedy led her interests and passion towards the fields of cancer research and microbiology, she soon found herself setting upon a far different course. Driven by a deep desire to affect positive change and help humanity defeat its most deadly disease, she enrolled in the microbiology department of Ohio State University. But all the while, Mandy continued to support herself and her studies by working part time in the restaurant, maintaining a strong tie to her roots in the hospitality industry.

And while her peers viewed such part-time work as little more than a means to support their primary pursuits, Mandy soon realized that her time working in her restaurant was drawing a considerable percentage of her passions and attention. She soon found herself falling in love with the vibrant energy and supportive environment of the food service industry and began seeking out more opportunities to expand her career and grow as a hospitality professional.

Her newfound passion, coupled with an admitted love for wedding planning reality television programs such as Say Yes to the Dress and the The Bachelorette, inevitably brought her to the world of event catering, planning, and management. She soon took a job at her first event management firm, Premiere Events, as a catering and events manager, eventually working her way up to head of operations, and then ending her tenure with Premiere as the company wide general manager. She knew then, her career path was set.

As her love of event planning grew and her ambitions continued to evolve, Mandy knew there was no better place to lay her stake in the industry than Los Angeles, home to some of the world’s most exclusive, premiere events and the hotbed of celebrity culture and entertainment.

Like many who make the jump to the west coast, Mandy moved without a firm job offer in place. She took an offer working in the hotel industry, where she was able to learn a new side of the hospitality industry, eventually shifting back towards event coordination when she began hosting events for the property. But all the while, she had her sights set on her dream job, event producer, responsible for ensuring that every last detail of these high-end events were immaculately put into place, that each team member was working both seamlessly and efficiently, and that all events were executed to the precise expectations of the client.

While diligently studying BizBash, the leading hospitality trade publication, Mandy soon discovered where she wanted to make her home in the industry, Sequoia Productions; the premiere event management company of Los Angeles. Soon after, she learned that Sequoia would begin producing events at the hotel where she was currently employed. She knew this was her chance. After meeting the team and impressing leadership with her work ethic and breadth of knowledge, Mandy was given the chance to join Sequoia as a producer.

Today, Mandy celebrates six years of successful work at Sequoia Productions and now serves proudly as the firm’s senior producer, managing and directing hundreds of high-end events for some of Los Angeles’ most exclusive clientele. As Mandy puts it herself- “there is no typical day as senior producer of Sequoia Productions. From sitting in on the early stages of an event, to communicating and appeasing high-end clientele, and even sometimes getting your hands dirty on the day to day operations of event planning- it all falls into my purview”.

As senior producer, Mandy has worked on extensive projects, managing all aspects, and shifting strategy alongside the natural evolution of each individual project.

“Things always evolve. And there’s always unexpected items that pop up and may need to be addressed in the moment”.

It’s a job that keeps Mandy constantly on her toes, just the way she likes it. And when she looks back on the wild, exciting journey that brought her to where she is today, she realizes that she has always been guided by one goal- execute flawless work. From her humble beginnings as a waiter, to her position as senior producer of one of LA’s top hospitality industry firms, Mandy has consistently dedicated herself to the excellence, dignity, and high standards of her profession. Today, she has grown into so much more than an elite event producer, she has become a leader in her field, a trend setter for her peers, and a shining example of the excellence and promise of the Los Angeles hospitality industry.