Logistics Manager


Jason Franco is the logistics manager of Sequoia Productions and a proud veteran of the United States Air Force. With a meticulous attention to detail and an extensive background in logistical planning from his time in the military, Franco has become an integral part of the Sequoia Productions team and serves as the centerpiece of all event execution, planning, and coordination for the firm’s most exclusive events.

Born and raised in California’s Rancho Cucamonga, Franco found himself called to service at an early age, enlisting as a materials manager for the United States Air Force. During his time with the military, Franco was able to hone his logistical instincts and quickly developed a critical ability to think ten steps ahead in even the most severe of high-pressure situations, a skill which he credits for his success with Sequoia Productions.

“When I was in the military, I did logistics for rescue, and that set me up with the skills needed for what I do now managing event logistics. Military rescue logistics and event logistics really align quite well, skill-wise. There are a lot of similarities between the tasks that need to be executed. You have to be very detail-oriented. You also need a lot of patience to go over everything with a fine-tooth comb several times to make sure everything is right.”

After five years of service and two tours in both Qatar and Kuwait, Franco returned to civilian life, looking for an opportunity to become involved with California’s entertainment industry. While a move from the Air Force to the Oscars may sound like a leap, for Franco, it was nothing more than the next logical step.

“In the military, we learned to always think ahead. That’s what I have to do with Sequoia, make sure that we have enough support to staff the event we are working on, think about power needs, ensuring that we have all the different entities and support necessary so the event can come to life.”

After completing his time with the military, Franco immediately began to invest in his education, studying communications at West L.A. City College, and pursuing any industry opportunities he could find, eventually leading him to his current position as logistical manager of Sequoia Productions.

“When I separated from the military, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in the production world, whether it is in TV, film, or event management. To position myself best and supplement my experience, completing a degree in Communications seemed like the best option. In my role at Sequoia, I’m gaining even more experience and doing the kind of work I want to be doing. So I feel like I’m even more prepared for whatever life wants to throw at me now.”

Franco began his tenure with Sequoia Productions in 2017, working first as a logistics coordinator and quickly moving up to the role of logistics manager where he now oversees all tactile components of executing Sequoia’s exclusive roster of events. From vendor coordination, to load-in and load-out scheduling, Franco oversees every possible detail of event logistics, ensuring that all possibilities have been addressed, all communication has been thoroughly executed, and that nothing catches the Sequoia team by surprise on the day of the event.

Whether he’s working at 2:00 am to implement a new last minute contingency plan, or communicating with floor managers several months in advance of a coming project, Franco’s diligence, attention to detail, and logistical expertise makes him a critical component to the success of all Sequoia productions, even when his work stays relatively unseen. But for Franco, that’s precisely the way he likes it.

“As logistics manager, my world is all behind the scenes. It’s my job to make sure that we have everything we need for our clients’ events to run smoothly and according to plan. I arrange for our power needs, permits, parking for crews and guests, organize truck schedules, and liaise with security, traffic control, and labor crews. I also handle event staffing credentialing and communications for our staff and vendors to make sure everyone is on-site and on the same page for all our events.”

As logistical manager, Franco works on each and every one of Sequoia’s projects, including high profile events such as the Academy Awards®, the Emmys®, and the Los Angeles Philharmonic Centennial Gala running all communications, and making any last-minute logistical augmentations to ensure that all necessary components are running smoothly and effortlessly. After years of success, Franco believes it’s this work behind the scenes that leads to positive client experience, the feeling of amazement they experience when they see each part of the process synchronize together, and the joy they receive knowing that their event has been executed to their highest expectations by true industry professionals. For Franco, achieving this all comes down to one simple rule; always have a plan.

“There always has to be a plan, and of course communication. We need to know when all trucks are arriving, and coordinating to make sure we don’t have 20 coming at the same time, making sure they are spread out enough to accommodate both load-in and load-out. Radio accounts, anything that needs to be ordered for production offices, IPads, Wi-Fi that needs to be brought in – I coordinate all of that.”

When Franco can find himself a spare minute free from work and school, he makes sure to carve out time to train at his local gym and most importantly, hit the beach. Growing up as both a swimmer and a water polo player, he can’t imagine a life lived only on land and ensures that he finds any and all excuses to dive headfirst into the ocean and spend a little time relaxing in the cool waters of the Pacific.

As logistics manager of Sequoia Productions, Franco has found a home where his background, communications expertise, and military-trained attention to detail can be used to further his career ambitions. His honed logistical instincts and his unwavering dedication to the event planning industry has become critical to the success of the Sequoia team, as with each event, his work continues to further the firm’s mission of consistently producing world-class events that exceed the high standards of the Los Angeles elite.