Owner and President


For over 30 years, Cheryl Cecchetto, founder, owner, and president of Sequoia Productions has built a reputation as one of the premier event management professionals in her industry. Her passion, leadership, and devotion to innovation have earned her the trust of an elite roster of high-end clientele, and her consistent commitment to excellence has garnered her exclusive projects such as the Governors Balls for both the Emmys® and the Academy Awards®, to name a few.

Today, under Cheryl’s vision and leadership, Sequoia Productions has grown into a full-service event production company, representing over 200 years of combined experience within the event planning industry. But Cheryl can still remember the early days, building her dream one step at a time out of her own garage, running all the necessary departments herself; accounting, management, vendor relations, production.

While Sequoia Productions’ beginnings were small, through hard work, perseverance, and collaboration with a team of highly skilled professionals, Cheryl was able to quickly build her company into a world-class event production firm that is now considered a fixture of the events industry. But as Sequoia grew, Cheryl has made it a priority to maintain a tight-knit family culture amongst her team members, believing that a company’s best work can only stem from an environment where team members genuinely enjoy the company of one another, a philosophy that Cheryl credits to her large Italian family.

Growing up in Canada, Cheryl’s first introduction to entertainment and production was through the arts. Cheryl was naturally drawn to the theatre, putting on skits for her family and joining her high school’s theatre department, eventually heading to Toronto’s York University where she received her BFA in Performing Arts. But all the while, her father encouraged her to supplement her artistic endeavors with business classes, believing wisely that the information garnered from these courses would help her in any pursuit she inevitably chose, advice that would end up taking her to the top of the event management industry.

After spending time in New York, Cheryl soon found herself in Los Angeles working for a top tier Hollywood catering company. Her natural skills for entertainment and event planning were undeniable, and soon Cheryl would leave the company to begin a freelancing career, producing events for a wide range of private clients.

Cheryl worked hard, learning all she could about the business, and finding great success within the industry. One day, when deep into the craziness of yet another job, her husband Michael laid it out clearly, “Stop all this craziness with everybody and just do your own events.” That’s the moment she realized it was time to move her work to the next level and build a business where her unique vision and skill sets could be truly realized. It was then that Cheryl officially began her own event management company; Sequoia Productions.

Over time, Sequoia Productions continued to grow and expand, eventually shifting into the industry powerhouse it is today, resulting in a four-decade track record producing events for industry productions such as Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and the Television Academy’s Emmy Awards Governors Ball, as well as exclusive, private affairs for some of Los Angeles’s most elite clientele.

“When it comes to a Sequoia production, the word event just doesn’t cut it. It’s an experience. You will leave with your senses alive; feeling, knowing, loving, tasting. It’s so much more than an event…everyone loves the flow of our events, the quality of the work, the service. The beauty of it all.”

Today, due to her immense success, Cheryl has become one of Los Angeles’s most sought after conference, radio, and television speakers, appearing on Good Morning America, Today, CNN, E! Entertainment, Entertainment Tonight, CBS News, ABC’s On the Red Carpet, Home & Family, and Access Hollywood, and her events and designs have been featured in publications such as The Los Angeles Times, InStyle, The Robb Report, Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, People Magazine, and Vanity Fair.

Cheryl is also the author of Passion to Create: Your Invitation to Celebrate, an auto-biographical discovery of her journey growing up in a small Canadian town, chasing the bright lights of Hollywood, and finally becoming a leading entrepreneur and event management pioneer.

Beneath all her success, Cheryl believes that one thing has always remained constant; her steadfast commitment to creativity and her mission to help others transcend their everyday experiences, lifting them into exciting, new worlds- if only for an evening.

“We are offering something special, a three-dimensional theatrical experience where they are not just the audience, they are participating as if they are on stage themselves. They’re living through it, they are living the experience of all the tastes we’ve put together, and the flavors of the cocktails, the comfort of the linens, all of it.”

By bringing together an expert team of fellow innovators, each of whom represent the highest caliber of their respective industries, Cheryl has created a structure in which her client’s vision can bloom without reservation, where their dreams can be realized directly in front of their eyes, and where inspiration is allowed to flow fully and freely. It’s a commitment to excellence that is unparalleled in her industry, and a love of craft that is evident within each and every Sequoia Productions event.

When she is not dreaming up the next great Los Angeles event, Cheryl can most likely be found practicing yoga, walking her beloved dogs, or cooking outside in the yard for her family and loved ones.

Looking back at the lifetime of work Cheryl has invested in the event production and management industry, Sequoia Productions has become a clear extension of Cheryl’s creativity, personality, and relentless drive. Each event is an opportunity to show a client how their mission statement can be translated through an exceptionally produced event, how their expectations can always be exceeded, and how truly innovative and revolutionary working with Sequoia Productions can be.

For Cheryl, her life’s work has become so much more than a business, it has become a critical part of her life, an outlet for her unbounding creativity, and most important of all, it has become a home both for her and all the incredible staff members that make up the Sequoia Productions family.